Þéttifrauð 475 HÁÞENNSLU Hand 750ml (12)


  • Adheres excellently to many materials, such as stone, concrete, wood, gypsum, stucco, masonry, metal and various plastics, such as Styropor, hard PU foam, polyester and hard PVC.
  • High filling capacity, foams during the curing process.
  • High ultimate output, approx. 40 litres at free expansion.
  • Versatile: fills, seals, adheres, installs and insulates.
  • Very low emission: certified VOC emission class A+.
  • Excellent acoustic and insulating properties.
  • Fast-curing, easy to work with and cuttable fine-celled polyurethane foam.
  • Lasting resistance to weather, water, moisture and ageing; does not rot.
  • Excellent resistance to hot and cold conditions, water and many chemicals.

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  • Specially designed for sealing, insulation and filling of connecting joints, seams, cracks and holes in interior and exterior façades, cavity walls, partitions and ceiling, roof and floor components.
  • Seal, insulate and fill pipe and line penetrations through ceilings, roofs, floors and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal, insulate and fill adjustment and installation spaces around prefab components, sections and door and window frames.
  • Adhere, install, insulate, fill and seal different insulation panels/boards and panel materials together in the construction of roofs, façades, floors and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal, insulate and fill connections in ridges, dormers, chimneys, air exhaust ducts and bay windows.
  • Fill, seal and insulate hollow spaces/holes in roofs, floors, façades, ceilings and interior and exterior walls.