Silicon-SA 216 BAÐ SV 310ml (24)


  • Durable, retains elasticity, maximum movement capacity of 25%.
  • Excellent workability, smooth application, full body, slow skin formation.
  • Superb adhesion without primer on most porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Neutral, low-odour, MEKO-free, acid-free and non-shrink curing, CE-certified silicone system.
  • Fungicidal in accordance with ISO 846.
  • Non-corrosive to metals.
  • Meets requirements for intruder-resistant glass, in accordance with the Secure Home Police Label (the “Politie Keurmerk veilig wonen”).
  • Free of solvents and organic plasticisers.
  • Very low emission: certified VOC emission class A+.
  • Good resistance to discolouration, UV, weather, water, moisture, cleaning products and ageing.
  • Compatible in direct contact with foodstuffs, PVB film on laminated glass and edge seals on insulating glass.

Nánari upplýsingar:



  • Particularly suited for fungicidal joint sealing between components in sanitary spaces and other spaces with plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and shower trays and enclosures, bathtubs, tiles, panels, toilets, worktops, steam rooms, refrigerators, freezers and more.
  • In bathrooms, toilet rooms, kitchens, shower rooms, laundry rooms, saunas, slaughter halls and cold storage units.
  • Seal connecting and dilation joints between concrete, stone, masonry, plastic, PC, PVC, PMMA, metal, stainless steel, wood, coated and anodised aluminium, composite and glass in façade, floor, ceiling, roof and interior and exterior wall structures.
  • Top and bead seals in glazing systems, in accordance with NEN 3576/NPR 3577.
  • Apply a durable elastic seal on windows, door and window frames, sections, panels, board materials, profiles, mouldings and prefab and other façade and building components.
  • Repair compound for glazing, façade, sanitary and other joints, based on silicone.