Þéttifrauð 470 HÁÞENNSLU GUN 750ml (12)


  • Hentar vel í holrúmsfyllingar.
  • Hátt einangrunargildi.
  • Tekur sig fljótt.
  • Lágt kolefnisfótspor.

Nánari upplýsingar:

Vörunúmer: CON-4700000750 Flokkar: , ,



  • Specially developed for durable sealing and filling of connecting joints, seams, cracks and holes in interior and exterior façades, cavity walls, partitions and ceiling, floor and roof components.
  • Fill and seal pipe and line penetrations in façades, floors, ceilings, roofs and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal and fill adjustment and installation spaces around prefab and façade components, such as sections and window and door frames.
  • Seal and fill connections between metal, plastic, wood, masonry, gypsum, stone and concrete components.
  • Seal connections in timber frame and stucco structures.
  • Adhere and seal insulation panels/boards and other panel materials together in the construction of roofs, façades, floors and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal connections of ridges, overhangs, chimneys, air exhaust ducts, dormers, building extensions and more.
  • Fill, seal and insulate hollow spaces/holes in floors, ceilings, roofs and interior and exterior walls.