ÞANB ISO ONE 1000 54/3-18MM.20.M.RL (7)

The ingenious 3-in-1 solution for 100 % joint airtightness

Where three products used to be required, one is now enough: ISO-BLOCO ONE. The multi-functional joint sealing tape with outstanding three-level functionality is 100 % air tight and vapour-resistant on the inside, provides thermal and sound insulation in the centre and more than 1,000 Pa resistance to driving rain on the outside.

• High level of functional reliability thanks to tested resistance to driving rain of more than 1,000 Pa
• Enormous reduction in heat loss by convection thanks to an a-value of zero
• Absolute airtightness saves up to 200 l heating oil per year
• Optimum drying effect for efficient mould protection
• 3-level seal in only one working step saves on both time and costs
• Certified Passive House component
• Can be fitted in any weather

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