ÞANBORÐI ISO 600 15/4-9MM. 8.M.RL. [20]

ISO-BLOCO 600 Premium edition

For joint widths ranging from 4 mm to 9 mm

The excellent properties of ISO-BLOCO 600 Premium edition make it a reliable joint seal on building facades up to 100 m high. The BG1 certification is proof that the permanently elastic tape can be used in external joints which are directly exposed to the weather. ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ is also able to cope with long-term stresses caused by UV light and driving rain.

​• Resistant to driving rain in excess of 600 Pa
• Seals against wind, dust and splashwater
• Reliable due to high area of application for joints (up to 42 mm)
• Permeable to vapour diffusion
• High adhesive strength during fitting
• Permanently elastic with life-long movement capacity
• Acoustic and thermal insulation properties
• Can be painted over using standard emulsion paints
• Constant quality, conforms to DIN standards and is regularly tested by external institutes (can be represented by icons)
• 10 years natural weathering monitored by external institutes

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