Frauðhreinsir 450 500ml. (12)


  • Remove all fresh/uncured polyurethane foam residues.
  • Fast-acting and effective, as long as the foam is fresh: cured foam must be removed mechanically.
  • Excellently suited for thorough cleaning and rinsing of all PU gun types.
  • Optimal spraying by hand with sprayer and excellent dosing with PU gun.
  • Removes, degreases and cleans.
  • Only suitable for surfaces and materials that are compatible with Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER.

Nánari upplýsingar:



  • As a gun cleaner; Remove PU canister from gun, apply Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER, rinse gun out several times, let set well, then rinse out again. Remove Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER, clean/dry the threading of the gun adapter, then grease it with Vaseline, silicone and/or PTFE spray.
  • As a PU foam cleaner: Put sprayer on valve, hold canister in correct spray direction and press sprayer in. Let Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER set for a bit, then thoroughly clean with a dry cloth or paper.