Facade 315 ÞÉTTIL.KÍTTI M.GR 290ML (24)


  • Durable, retains elasticity, maximum movement capacity of 25%.
  • Excellent adhesion without primer on practically all surfaces, even moist ones.
  • User-friendly and versatile applications in building structures and glazing structures.
  • Paintable with water-based paint systems.
  • Meets requirements for intruder-resistant glass, in accordance with the Secure Home Police Label (the “Politie Keurmerk veilig wonen”).
  • Free of isocyanate, solvents and silicone.
  • Very low emission: certified EMICODE EC1 PLUS.
  • Good resistance to discolouration, UV, weather, water, moisture and ageing.
  • Non-corrosive to metals.
  • No staining or bleeding on porous stone types or other materials.
  • Low-odour, adhesive-free, acid-free and non-shrink curing CE-certified hybrid system.

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samthykki_Seal it_315 Facade-LM



  • Particularly suited for sealing of expansion joints (dilation, connecting, mechanical and peripheral joints), such as between/along concrete, natural and other stone, masonry, stainless and other steel, coated and anodised aluminium, plastic, PVC, wood, glass and more.
  • Joint seals in façades, floors, galleries, balconies, landings, terraces, staircases, storage rooms, parking garages, platforms, tunnels and roadway and bridge components.
  • Apply a durable elastic seal to façade components, such as between/along windows, door and window frames, sections, panels, board materials, prefab components and more.
  • Natural stone seals, such as on marble, granite, slate, hard stone and other porous (absorbent) stone types, such as aerated or non-aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, masonry, brick and other porous building materials, such as untreated wood.
  • Top and bead seals in laminated and insulating glass, in accordance with NEN 3576/NPR 3577.
  • Apply durable, highly elastic seals between concrete, wood, plastic and metal parts.
  • Repair compound for maintenance on MSP/hybrid expansion joints in the construction and industrial sectors.