Quick Overview

  • Suitable for fire protecting large span openings in rigid floors and walls.
  • ULEU Accreditation.
  • Fire Resistance testing to EN1366-3:2009.
  • Fire Classified in accordance with EN13501-2.
  • High strength and load bearing properties.
  • To reinstate fire resistance through walls and floors.
  • Easy to mix.
  • For internal use.
  • Please Note: NOT Suitable for Pizza Ovens, BBQ Bases, any types of ovens, fire places etc.
  • Samþykkt í Svansvottaðar byggingar.




Product Description

CE Astro HS Compound MarkingAstro HS (High Strength) Compound is a Gypsum based mortar material used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor and wall constructions where apertures exist for the penetrations of multiple services. Astro HS Compound, once cured has excellent load bearing capabilities and can be installed in large span openings.

Astro HS Compound can be installed across a variety services and substrates including:

  • Rigid Floors
  • Rigid Walls
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Blank Openings
  • Head of Walls


  • Large unsupported spans
  • No shrinkage
  • Easy to mix
  • High strength and load bearing properties
  • Versatile workability range
  • Provides smoke seal

Areas of Use:

  • To reinstate fire resistance through walls and floors
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Loadbearing seals
  • Large Span openings
  • Prevention of air leakage
  • Maintains Acoustic performance
  • Assumed working life 25 years
  • For internal use