Akrýll-UNI 110 Seal-it HV 310ml (24)


  • Hægt að nota úti ef hægt er að tryggja þurrt veður 5 klst eftir notkun.
  • Meðal teygja 7.5%
  • Auðveldur í vinnslu.
  • Vinnuhitastig +5°C
  • Lágt kolefnisspor.
  • Samþykkt í Svansvottaðar byggingar

Nánari upplýsingar:





  • Specially developed as a universally paintable joint sealant, filler and repair product for sealing, filling and repairing joints, seams, splits, cracks, fissures and holes.
  • Specially designed for indoor use, but also excellent for outdoor use, with 5 hours of dry weather after application.
  • Seal peripheral joints around sections, door and window frames, electrical outlets and penetrations.
  • Seal connecting joints between/along skirting boards, window sills, masonry, plasterwork, spray plaster, plasterboard, aerated or non-aerated concrete slabs, sand-lime brick, stone, stairs, sections, slats, decorative frames, mouldings, panels, parapets, wood panelling, decorations and more.
  • Seal connections between metal parts, such as in construction of air ducts, bodywork, trailers, ships and containers.
  • Fill and repair cracks, splits, seams, fissures and drill, nail and screw holes, in façades, ceilings and interior and exterior walls.
  • Suitable for most surfaces, such as wood, plywood, hardboard, softboard, insulation materials, paint and lacquer systems, plaster, stucco, sprayed textures, masonry, aerated and non-aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, stone, plasterboard, metals and more.