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R-Ker-II Winter, 300 ml cartridge
10 cartridges per box.

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BOLTALÍM. R-KEX ll epoxy 385ML (10)

Pure epoxy resin

• The strongest resin in the epoxy resin class 
• Suitable for use in dry and wet substrates including flooded holes 
• Seismic category C1
• Installation direction D3 (downward and horizontal and upwards installation)
• Minimal shrinkage provides option of use in diamond-drilled holes and oversized holes
• Very high chemical resistance – suitable for applications exposed to influence of various agents (industrial or marine environment)
• Extended working time ensures easy installation of metal components (up to 30 min. in 20°C) 
• For use in positive temperatures

Further technical information available on manufacturers website;


Expandet ESI Xtreme Pro is the professional all round bonded anchor solution that provides expansion free, safe and fast anchorage of threaded rod, socket anchors with internal thread, rebar etc. in most types of base materials. ESI Xtreme Pro is also suitable for use in wet, flooded hole. ETA and CE-marked (option 1) for non-cracked concrete, cracked concrete and seismic zones (C1). ETA and CE marked for post-installed rebar according to EC2. ETA and CE marked for brickwork in solid and hollow brick, aerated concrete and Leca.


R-Ker II high performance hybrid resin
300 ml cartridge, 10 cartridges per box.

• Approved for use with threaded rods, internally threaded sockets, post-installed rebars, and rebar anchors.
• Suitable for use in dry and wet substrates as well as holes and substrates covered with water
• Rapid bonding time enables quick execution of works
• Very high load capacity
• Anchor does not generate expansion forces in the concrete which means reduced spacing and edge distances.
• Suitable for multiple use. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle

Further technical information available on manufacturers website;

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