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Reciprocting Saw Blades with Double Shank

The sabre saw blade with double machine shanks for a double the service life. In most sawing applications, the saw teeth war out only up to the middle. After half the blade length has been worn out, the sabre saw blade is simply turned around and inserted using the other shank. By virtue of 100% use of the entire blade length, the service life of the sabre saw blade is doubled and the costs per cut are halved.
The patented bi-metal M-toothing saws the workpiece both in the forward and return stroke.
This helps to achieve a cutting speed up to three times faster compared to the standard toothing of saw blades. Suitable for all materials from 2.5 mm wall thickness. Particularly suited for steel and non-ferrous metals with material thickness exceeding 10 mm, cutting length 200 mm.

Contains 2 blades.

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