SKURÐARSK.F/RYÐFR.125X1,6X22,2 (1stj)

T41 Cutting disc for stainless steel

125 x 1,6 x 22,23
Suitable for use on stainless steel, steel and titanium
Flat shape

This cutting disc for machining stainless steel does not cause rust on the workpiece. The iron, chlorine and sulphur-free tool is perfect for cutting a wide range of stainless steel and steel materials, and can even be used in power plant construction. This cutting disc delivers precise cuts at a high cutting speed combined with a low cutting temperature, and offers maximum tool life thanks to its innovative bonding technology. Thanks to its 22.23 mm bore it can be used with any commercially available angle grinder. It is energy-optimised so that it can also be used on the most powerful angle grinders. Strong glass-fibre fabric and regular testing ensure high level of safety and lateral stability.

Further technical information available on manufacturers website;×1-6-mm-straight-for-angle-grinder-a46t-bf/

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