Skrúfvélatoppur 12,0 mm. 1/4 Hex.

Hexagon Socket Wrench, 12 mm

• Box nuts with interior hexagon made of chrome vanadium steel S2, industrial steel.
• Fits for all cordless screwdrivers, power drills, bit holders, jaw chucks, drill chucks, manual impact screwdrivers, etc.
• Easy screw connections with all hexagon screws, drilling screws, sandwich panel screws with exterior hexagon head. 
• Ideal for all DIY work and for professional use. 
• Drive 1/4″ hexagon according to ISO 1173, E 6.3.
• Quick and easy holding of screws with the permanent magnet.
• Length 50 mm.

Vörunúmer: KWB 1027 12 Flokkur: