SILIKON 700T- Svart. 310ml (25)

Everflex 700T LMN Silicone, Black, 310 ML

Everflex 700T LMN Silicone is a fast, neutral cure, low modulus silicone sealant specially formulated for the PVCu and roofline industry. It has been specifically formulated to a high viscosity to give excellent tooling properties without the need for priming.

• Suitable for perimeter pointing window and door frames, sealing plastic roofline areas and general weather sealing
• Contains a powerful anti-fungal compound
• Excellent adhesion
• Adheres to most common surfaces including glass, metals, plastics and wood
• Low dirt pick up
• Good external weathering properties
• Suitable for use on polycarbonate
• Suitable as an expansion joint sealant

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