Plumbers Gold, Clear, 290 ml

Specially formulated for the plumbing professional, Plumbers Gold is a new type of sealant and adhesive based on hybrid polymer technology that offers outstanding adhesion to all sanitary, bathroom, wet room, kitchen and plumbing materials. For example, hard plastics, acrylics, fibreglass, ceramics, glass, marble, granite, aluminium, mirrors, metals and so on.

• Can be applied to wet surfaces and will even work underwater
• High bonding strength
• Suitable for interior and exterior use
• Waterproof and weatherproof
• Powerful anti-fungal action prevents mould growth on sealant – tested for 5 years accelerated aging
• Permanently flexible – 20% movement accommodation
• Resistant to chemicals and petrol (10% dilute acids/alkalis and most solvents)
• Excellent primerless adhesion to most surfaces

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