Pica Big Dry marker. 2×5 mm graphite

Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker
The Refillable Carpenter Push-Pencil

​•  With lead sharpener for precise marking down to the millimeter
​•  Automatic lead feed at the push of a button
​•  Refillable with different leads, for most versatile capabilities
​•  Unique high-tech push mechanism
​•  Maximum protection against dust and moisture
​•  For sturdy rectangular leads in 2 x 5 mm profile: ideal for marking purposes
​•  Precise edge guide while marking
​•  Extremely long marking capacity
​•  No more wood removal for sharpening necessary: just one push
​•  Leads are easy to refill from the back
​•  Equipped with FOR ALL graphite lead 2B
​•  Typical Pica: BIG Dry in convenient quiver cap with extra strong special clip for perfect one handed handling
​•  Long lasting and sustainable due to high quality product technique and refill ability

Vörunúmer: PIC 6060SB Flokkur: