Pallaskr. DYN UZ C4 TX-20 5,0X70MM (200)

Decking screw

5,0 x 70 mm
TX 20
Sold in boxes of 200 screws

Dynaplus AR-coating screws are also available in a special decking screw type. This screw has a special 60° small flathead with sharp cutting nibs which penetrates easily in decking boards. The screws have a bronze coloured C4 AntiRust-coating, which matches well with the wood for a nice finish. Dynaplus decking screw is provided with a special drilling point that reduces the splitting of the wood. Pre-drilling is not necessary in most cases. The coated carbon steel Dynaplus decking screws are almost two times stronger as stainless steel decking screws, therefore they are easy to apply in hard woods like Bangkirai. This benefit, combined with a better corrosion resistance than stainless steel A2, makes the Dynaplus decking screw the perfect screw for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional craftsman.

• Twice as strong as stainless steel screws
• No more screws that break while screwing in
• Very high corrosion resistance due to bronze AR-coating
• Special drilling point with cutting edges
• Small head with serrations for easy use in hardwood
• Self-recovering ability of the AR-coating

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