Multitool, Sett Universal 17stk sög/slíp

Universal Kit, 17 pieces

The set contains;
• 87 mm semi-circular HSS saw
• 22 x 48 mm metal saw blade BIM
• 28 x 48 mm wood saw blade CRV
• 26 x 52 mm scraper
• 93 mm hook and loop backing pad
• 6 pc. hook and loop sanding pads wood & metal
• 6 pc. hook and loop sanding pads wood & paint

Can be used for all kinds of wood, sanding and repair work. E.g. clean cutting of laminate flooring, or sound-proofing flooring, exact, flush trimming of door frames for laminate floor installation, trimming of aluminium connector bars, flush-cutting of protruding nails from wood or copper pipe from the wall. Smooth plunge-cutting into kitchen worktops for air grilles, in cupboards or plasterboard for access to power outlets. Effortless cutting into glass fibre for boat building or into plastic elements.Problem-free removal of old putty in window frames. Easy cut-outs in thin sheet metal and non-ferrous metals. Removal of residual tile adhesive for touch-up work, concrete or mortar residues for masonry work, residual glue from carpeting removal or removal of old varnish and underfloor coatings. Sanding work for wood, varnish, matt finishing and removal of wood fibres, polishing of wood, metal and non-ferrous metal.

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