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Floor and Installation Kit, 4 pieces

Set contains;
• 87 mm semi-circular HSS saw 
• 22 x 48 mm metal saw blade BIM 
• 28 x 48 mm wood saw blade CRV
• 26 x 52 mm scraper

Universal use in carpentry and refurbishment, for example clean flush cuts in parquet, laminate or sound absorbing flooring, precise trimming of doors during laminated floor laying, shortening aluminium conncector bars, flush cutting off of projecting nails or copper pipes from walls. Problem-free plunge cutting in kitchen worktops for ventilation grilles, in cupboards or plasterboard for access to electrical sockets, dust-free cuts in fibreglass for boatbuilding or in plastics. Simple removal of old putty on window frames. Easy cutting out in thin sheet steel and non-ferrous metal.

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