MDF DYNAP 75° UZ ZP TX15 4,0X40 (200)

MDF screw, 200

4,0 x 40 mm
TX 15

Easy to use in MDF without pre-drilling

• Diamond point prevents splitting
• Small head with TX-15 drive
• Serrations under head for a smooth finish
• Special knurl provides for a strong connection
• Very high pull-out strength
​• Very good to use on the end grain
​• Zinc plated surface
​• Countersunk 75° head

Dynaplus MDF-screws are designed to connect two MDF panels or boards without splitting the material on the end of the grain. Pre-drilling is not required, until three centimeters on the edge of the panel. The screws have a high pull-out strength which leads to a solid connection between both panels. In addition, we have an extra small 75° flathead with cutting nibs which provides a smooth and clean countersunk into the MDF material.
These screws are also very suitable to be used in chipboard, plywood and other board materials which are susceptible to splitting and cracking.

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