Límlisti 12x3mm. 20m r. Foamtape. Tvöf.

Iso-Zell Fix-Tape – Flexible padded tapes for construction work and industry
With self adhsive strip on both sides.
12×3 mm, 20 m per roll

Fix-Tape is a versatile padded tape made of closed-cell polyethylene foam. The fine cellular structure and special flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial and construction applications involving sealing, vibration control, insulation or cushioning.

Ideal for using between materials with little joint movement. The padded tapes are typically used for window glazing and wooden window frames in order to ensure a soft seat for the glazing. Can be used in trapezoidal metal sheets and metal structures, timber, masonry and pre-fabricated building constructions, window-making as well as for dry wall and partition construction. The fine-pore tape are also often used in air-conditioning and ventilation technology, in carriage and container construction, machinery and apparatus construction and for household appliances. 

• Silicone-treated foil for fixing
• Flexible
• Fine pored
• Water-repellent
• Air tight
• High ageing resistance
• Environmentally friendly – chemically neutral

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