Cold Weather Duct Tape, 50 MM x 5 M

Cold Weather Duct Tape is a remarkable new tape which is not only thick, strong and 100% waterproof; it also has the most amazing cold weather adhesive quality, working at temperatures as low as -10° – making it your winter go to product.

Cold Weather Duct Tape has a multitude of uses including waterproofing and windproofing scaffolding, windows, doors and exposed roofing-“ it can also be used on vertical and overhead applications. You can also use Cold Weather Duct Tape to temporarily hold DPM, timber, guttering, sheet material or any other building material that needs to be held in place without the need to clamp. Cold Weather Duct Tape will stick to most surfaces and substrates.

• Great for cold weather where most tapes fail.
• Will stick to most common surfaces including polythene.
• Waterproof.
• Blue for easy recognition.
• Easy tear.  

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