KÍTTISGR. MK C3 doubl. 500kg H245

A 1-component manual bead dispenser for 310mL cartridges. Fully molded reinforced nylon.

​• Anti-drip and trigger integrated brake release
​• Reinforced nylon frame with cartridge
​• Life prolonging adjustment screw
​• U-opening with cartridge snap fitFast, reliable and easy handling
​• Automatic cartridge positioning and fixation
​• No loss of performance – anti-wear
​• Automatic cartridge positioning and fixation
​• Gives you long worry free performance

Vörunúmer: MKR 310145 Flokkar: ,


• Lightweight: 0.55kg / 1.21lbs
• Barrel Length: 225mm / 8.9in
• Maximum Thrust: 1.25kN (stroke 10mm)
• Handle Material: Reinforced Nylon
• Barrel Material: Reinforced Nylon
• Cartridge Capacity: 310mL
• Mechanical Advantage Ratio: (12:1)
• Standard Color: Black
• Nozzle Dimension: ø26.5mm / 1.0in
• Customized versions on demand