GLERSKR DYN 75° UZ AR TX15 3,5X40 (200)

Glass strip screw, 200

3,5 x 40
TX 15

For fastening wooden glass strips without pre-drilling

• Diamond point prevents splitting
• Bronze AR-coating for outdoor use
• Serrations under head for a smooth finish
• Small head with TX-15 drive
• Special knurl provides for a strong connection
• Also usable in small battens and baseboards

Dynaplus glass strip screws are specially designed for fastening small wooden glass strips or small slats, for instance glazing strips. The screws can be used without pre-drilling. The special self drilling Diamond-point on the screw prevents the wood from splitting. The small 75°-flathead with cutting nibs ensures optimum clean countersinking in the wood. The glass strip screws are provided with our bronze AR coating C4 for outdoor use.

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