Gipsf. Blá, 10×55/15 Panh.(25)

Expandet Rosett® is the strongest fastening solution in plasterboards, gypsum fiber boards, chipboards, and other cavity walls. Easy installation, no special tools required. Also works effectively in cavities with insulation and is recommended by well-known plasterboard manufacturers.

  • Designed for heavy loads in plasterboards.
  • Easy fixing – no special tools required.
  • Also available without screw.
  • Works with same degree of safety in insulated cavities.
  • Does not damage the plasterboards.
  • Recommended by leading plasterboard manufactures.
  • Useable in all cavity walls.
  • For one layer plasterboard
  • 55mm screw
  • Maximum thickness of fixture; 15mm
  • Panhead, TX 25
  • 25 pcs per box
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