Flexible lamellar flap disc for machining hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for deburring, fettling, derusting, smoothening and weld seam machining.

Reccomended for stainless steel, steel and titanium.
125 mm diameter. 
14M internal thread.
Grain 60.

The small resin core with practical M14 thread allows for a larger flap projection. This makes the grinding disc flexible, it can adapt itself to uneven surfaces, and requires little effort when working.
With its long tool life, it is ideally suitable for fillet weld grinding. There is no risk of the workpiece being damaged by the carrier. Compared to grinding discs, the LUKAS patented flap shape and arrangement provides for 50% lower noise levels, less vibration, faster operation, greater efficiency and better surface results. The flat position of the optimally bonded flaps not only makes for safer working, but also cuts down the tool wear. The abrasive grain adheres particularly firmly to its backing and is optimally used. A particularly large concentration of abrasive grains on the outer perimeter results in an exceptionally high removal rate per minute. Excellent removal rates and an exceedingly long tool life are guaranteed. Thanks to its multi-layer abrasive coating, this lamellar flap disc stays just as sharp as at the first time of use. When the top flaps wear down, the fresh abrasive coating of the flaps underneath is exposed. In this way, they achieve a long service life and consistent working quality. Thanks to the self-sharpening effect of the innovative ceramic abrasive grain, the flap disc always stays perfectly sharp. During use, ceramic particles break off and make space for new ones with sharp cutting edges. Tool replacement is significantly reduced – lowering tool costs. Hardened surfaces, wear-resistant steels, scale and hard coatings, titanium alloys and reinforced weld seams are no problems and can be machined quickly. A high-quality resin system prevents this tool from rupturing at high speeds or working temperatures. Regular testing ensures a high degree of reliability. In addition, we pay attention to environmental conservation during the production and use start-of-the-art technologies with short curing times.

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