Eldvarnarband f/Rör 30-32mm

Intumescent pipe wrap offering an alternative to firestop collars. The wrap is manufactured as a sealed unit to the correct length and width to suit the pipe diameter and fire rating. It is retained within the aperture of the construction element and held in place with the integral adhesive tape. The hole around the pipe wrap should be filled with PFC Corofil Firestop Compound.

It is tested in accordance with BS 476-20 and BS EN 1366-3 to provide up to four hours’ fire protection. Not suitable for ventilated pipe applications or composite profile decking.

Features and benefits:​

• No mechanical fixings
​• Integral self-adhesive strip to aid Installation.
​• Available to suit pipe sizes ranging from 32–160 mm outer diameter.

Vörunúmer: PFC 22030 Flokkur: