Ein-difla 10 x 120. <90mm.Fiber-p (250)

TFIX-8P Facade fixing with plastic pin, Box of 250

Versatile hammer-in facade fixing with plastic nail, recommended for ETICS

• Installation in all substrates (categories A,B,C,D,E).
• The plastic nail reduces heat transmission (value 0.0W/K)
• Plastic nail reinforced with glass fibre allows fast and trouble-free installation with correct expansion of the plug.
• Expansion zone designed for low embedment depths, reducing the amount of drilling required.
• Can be used with additional KWL insulation holding plate, available in 90, 110 and 140mm flange sizes (recommended for soft insulation materials such as mineral wool).
• Optimal product parameters enable cost-saving solutions.
• Optimum plate stiffness ensures stability and excellent pull-over values

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