DYNAPL FATA UZ C4 TX25 6,0X120MM (200)

Universal outdoor flathead screw

6,0 x 120 mm
TX 25
Sold in buckets of 200 screws

The universal outdoor screws with Anti-Rust coating C4 are an alternative to stainless steel A2 screws. The screws are made of hardened carbon steel and they are up to twice as strong as stainless steel screws. No more breaking off during screwing and in most cases you can use the screws without pre-drilling, even in hardwood.
The dark gray Dynaplus AR-coating has an excellent corrosion resistance and meets the highest standard; corrosion class C4. The organic coating provides the carbon steel screws a permanent corrosion protection. Even when the coating surface is slightly damaged by using the screws. For example when you make small damage at the bit-recess the AR-coating is able to recover itself.
The screws are galvanized before they get a surface treatment with the Dynaplus AR-coating. This coating consists of three thin layers of coating and ensures a very good adhesion so that the coating does not get damaged during use of the screws. The screws are hardened in a sophisticated hardening process to make them very strong but also still very flexible. This reduces the risk of breaking off the screws during applying but also after the screws are processed, when the wood starts to shrink and swell.

• Nearly twice as strong as stainless steel screws
• No more screws that break while screwing in!
• Very high corrosion resistance due to Anti-Rust-coating
• Self-recovering ability of the AR-coating
• Excellent chemical an acid resistance
• Extremely low screwing resistance

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