Cover-it® yfirbreiðsla 100mmx25MTR

Vörunúmer: CON-CIAW10025 Flokkur:


  • Protection of soft / upholstered surfaces, such as carpets / floor coverings, carpet tiles, stair runners and rugs.
  • Protection of hard surfaces, such as concrete, cast floors, tiles, flagstones, parquet, wood, glass, metals, laminate, marmoleum®, linoleum®, PVC, plastics, composite, cork, vinyl and coating systems.
  • Protection of uneven surfaces, such as stairs and uneven floorboards in residential, office and commercial premises.
  • Specially suitable for paintwork, stucco, stucco finishing, spray plaster, other sprayed materials and plasterwork in new constructions as well as for renovations and maintenance.