Byggskr. DYN WH C4 TX30 6,0X60 (100)

Washerhead construction screws Outdoor, 100

6,0 x 60 
TX 30

• The ideal construction screw for outdoor use
• Extremely strong hardened steel screws
• Washerhead provides for large clamping range
• Extra drilling capacity by point-17 cutting edge
• TX-drive offers maximum power with optimal grip
• Extremely low screwing resistance

The bronze coloured Dynaplus wood construction scews, with a wide washer head and TX-drive, are specially designed for connecting wooden beams and load-bearing timber structures outside. They are perfect for building porches, patios and other wooden constructions which are exposed to the weather. Due to the large head diameter of the screw, it has a large bearing and clamping capacity. Because this screw can carry a heavier load, you need less mounting points in a wooden construction.

When you make a wood-on-wood connection you want the screw to pull the two pieces of wooden beams strongly together, therefore we use partial thread on the screws with a length of 80 mm and more. The special knurled part, above the thread, pre-drills some extra space, allowing the slightly thicker shank to go easily into the wood for a better clamping capacity. Because the shank goes in easily through the second wooden beam, it will be strongly tightened against the first wooden beam.

Wood construction screws are a perfect alternative to the old-fashioned coach screws: they are much stronger, have a better pull-out strength and are much easier to use because they are easy to handle with a powerdriver. Because of the big TX-drive you have an optimum power transmission from the bit to the screw so this means more control, and easy screwing. Because of the strength of the hardened carbon steel screws you can replace your 10,0 mm coach screw with a 8,0 mm Dynaplus wood construction screw.

In addition to the specials cross-sections there’s an extra cutting point added to the tip of these screws. This provides these big screws a bigger pre-drilling capacity and makes screwing more easy.
The universal outdoor screws with Anti-Rust coating C4 are an alternative to stainless steel A2 screws. The screws are made of hardened carbon steel and they are up to twice as strong as stainless steel screws. No more breaking off during screwing and in most cases you can use the screws without pre-drilling, even in hardwood.
The bronze AR-coating has an excellent corrosion resistance and meets the highest standard; corrosion class C4. The organic coating provides the carbon steel screws a permanent corrosion protection. Even when the coating surface is slightly damaged by using the screws. For example when you make small damage at the bit-recess the AR-coating is able to recover itself.

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