Borar Tré S-3 Japan bit 165mm – Ø14mm

3-S Japan Auger Bit, 165 mm
Ø 14 mm

• Japan auger bit.
• Industrial quality.
• Special super-sharp thin polished tip section and main blade for absolutely fray-proof drilling into all hard and soft wood. This special thin polished tip section creates only small shavings which are quickly removed.
• Colour: Black, shiny polish.
• CV steel.
• With hexagon shaft 1/4″ acc. to ISO 1173, E 6.3
• Drill length: 165 mm
• Working length: 95 mm
• For precise and effortless drilling with cordless machines and tethered machines.
• Optimal for all drilling into wooden beams and all types of wood.
• Especially suitable for holes in visible areas for carpenters, interior fittings, carpentry.

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