Double-Cut Japan Auger, 460 mm
Ø 12 mm

• Japan auger.
• Industrial quality.
• Drill length: 460 mm
• Working length: 384 mm
• Fitting: 11 mm
• 2 taper taps with special serration for tear-free drilling, precision-ground main blade.
• The special ground tip produces only small shavings which are quickly removed.
• With black non-stick PTFE coating to reduce friction in the bore hole. Highly precise concentricity.
• Drill head with self-tightening thread tip for quick drilling with low effort.
• The thread tip is processed with high precision and penetrates the material without bulging.
• Drills even into hardest wood without getting stuck.
• Suitable both for soft and hard wood and even for Bongossi (Ironwood).
• HCS steel.
• With 11 mm hexagon shaft, for precise and effortless drilling with cordless electric drills and wired machines.
• Optimal for all drilling into wooden beams, glued laminated timber and all types of wood, especially suitable for drilling into solid CLT wood.

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