Alpha AN189 Sprayable Adhesive

Alpha AN189 Sprayable Adhesive is an exceptionally versatile adhesive suitable for application by low pressure, conventional and airless spray system. The product is based on a blend of synthetic polymers and resins in non-flammable solvents and is intended for use in the furniture, upholstery and foam conversion industries.

Alpha AN189 adhesive’s unique combination of aggressive tack, fast bond development and high bond strength coupled with economical cost provide a modern and safe method of bonding non-structural components.

It is ideal for the permanent bonding of all flexible foams to either themselves or to typical furniture materials such as painted metal, chipboard, hardboard, fibreglass and other types of wood. It is equally suitable for the attachment of furnishing fabrics including backed PVC and backing materials such as hessian, felt and upholstery padding.

Bonds made with AN189 are permanent and secure when exposed to the temperature and ageing conditions likely to be found in service.

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