Bostik T303, 100 mm x 45 m

Bostik T303 is a self-adhesive foil tape that’s specially designed for the HVAC and asbestos abatement sectors.

It’s manufactured to the highest specifications, with a high tack rubber/resin adhesive system protected by a removable release paper. It’s also easy to apply and can be moulded to any profile.

With a strong final bond, T303 promotes the optimum balance of surface conformity and tensile strength. This makes it ideal for lap sealing foil faced insulation materials, metal and duct sealing, as well as asbestos abatement tenting and other general-purpose applications.

​With Bostik T303, insulation efficiency is maintained as the self-adhesive foil tape protects against the effects of fire, moisture and dust. Its high standards of reliability, strength and durability mean it is also used for diverse applications in many other sectors, such as process plant, marine and offshore.

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