KNIPEX MultiStrip 10 – Automatic Insulation Stripper, 195 mm

• Stripping without re-adjustment from 0.03 to 10.0 mm²
• Universal blade geometry -robust and more durable
• Ideal grip design with excellent haptics
• Recessed wire cutter
• Fully automatic adjustment to all single-, multi- and fine-stranded conductors with standard insulation throughout the entire capacity range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm²
• No manual fine adjustment necessary
• No damage to the conductors
• The clamping jaws made of steel hold the cable in a way that prevents slipping without damaging the remaining insulation
• With recessed wire cutter for Cu and Al conductors, stranded up to 10 mm² and single wire up to 6 mm²
• Particularly smooth-running mechanics and very low weight
• Replaceable blades block and length stop
• Handle with soft-plastic zone for a steady grip
• Body: plastic, fibreglass-reinforced
• Blade: special tool steel, oil-hardened
• With opening spring

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